Writing songs and featuring as a writer/vocalist on dozens of signed works, Kate writes and performs in multiple genres - with particular success in the EDM scene. Kate has secured three number one singles for international electronic artists around the world, writing six tracks on the artist album 'Blossom and Decay' for Matt Darey, and several tracks for platinum selling artist ATB.

As well as EDM, Kate writes pop, country, alternative, indie and rock.  Her music has featured on multiple TV and feature embeds, including: 'The OC', 'One Tree Hill', 'Made in Chelsea', 'The Originals', 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Prison Break', as well as video game embeds for Warner Bros, Catwoman movie, multiple Netflix embeds, Living TV, and the U.S series 'House'.  Over the years, Kate's songs have been signed by Sony ATV, Warner, Virgin, Armada, EMI Positiva, Black Hole Recordings and Raz Nitzan, to name a few.  The resulting music appears on 350 label compilation albums worldwide.  Kate is currently published by Cloud 9 for Downtown Music Publishing. Back catalogue is publishing by Chrysalis and Notting Hill Music

 Available Songs:

Alternative / Indie / Rock

Available Songs:

Pop / Country / Ballads

Label Released Songs

Trance / Electronic Dance Music

Kate has provided topline songs and vocals on 200 + label release dance tracks.